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What Happens When Confetti Is Tucked in With a Resumé?

(Neil, 2004) As the story goes, a law student, eager to land employment at a firm went the extra mile of adding confetti in the envelope of their resumé and cover letter. The eye-catching tactic was effective in grabbing the attention of at least one law firm. The firm’s response, however, was that they cut the resumé and cover letter into small pieces and mailed it back to the applicant.

(Neil, 2004) It is no secret that employers are flooded with resumés. To combat this, some applicants are tempted to tinker with the traditional resumé and try their hand at making “cute attempts” to distinguish themselves, i.e. “pizza boxes with resumés inside, resumés in the form of a court pleading or rapplications.

Rarely, do such “cute attempts” actually get the intended reaction/response that lead to the applicant landing the position. Instead, applicants should stand out by putting their creative energy into developing a smart and comprehensive resumé — that is well-organized, easy to read–and doesn’t contain spelling errors.

…and save the pizza, raps, and confetti until after you land the job.


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