The Job Search

Spotting Job Scams

As a job-seeker, you have the ability to create and upload your resumé and make yourself available to thousands of employers. You can also search and apply for job openings in your desired location through user-friendly online-job boards and social media apps.  While the search for new opportunities has gotten easier for both the job-seeker and the employer – there is a third party that is interested in taking advantage of your career search, job scammers.

You do not necessarily have to be in the job market to receive email solicitations from job scammers. Your employment history and contact information are already out there, either because you are or were looking for a job via an online job board. Job scammers have access to your information and they reach out in hopes that you, the job seeker, is anxious to land a new position – and jump on the opportunity to work with them.

See the email below for an example of a real email solicitation that I received in March 2018. This is a real call to action to apply for a position that I did not previously apply for or inquire about. Clearly, they grabbed my information from somewhere, and decided to give it a try!

Note the grammatical errors and overall vagueness in the job description. The actual position/title is a series of numbers and the email address, which I blocked out, does not connect to any business and appears to be a private account. These are all key indicators that this job posting is a scam. If you receive a similar email, block the address and delete it. Save yourself the heart-ache.

Follow the youtube link ( to check out the Federal Trade Commission’s warning about spotting job scams and what to do if you feel like you have been a victim of a scam.

Suggested Reading:

Frith, Beckett. Accusations against Rec Agency’s ‘Fake Job Ad’ Not Upheld. 29 Mar. 2018, Accessed 29 Mar. 2018.

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