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Social Recruiting

(Salm, 2017) According to a 2017 CareerBuilder survey, 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates before hiring. The term for this is called social recruiting, and  3 in 10 employers are equipt with an employee dedicated solely to getting the scoop on your online persona.

(Salm, 2017) The content found on social media greatly influences employers decisions during the hiring process. When reviewing candidates social media profiles, employers are looking for key signs/phrases to help determine if you would be a good hire.

  • 61% look for information that supports their qualifications for the job
  • 50% look to see if the candidate has a professional online persona at all
  • 37% look to see what other people are posting about the candidate
  • 24% look for any reason at all not to hire a candidate

Don’t risk losing out on a job because of your social media accounts. Be proactive. Start by reviewing your privacy settings and be sure that your photos and comments are only able to be viewed by your friends. Delete comments or postings that are inappropriate and photos that are not favorable. (Doyle, 2017) Below are tips to help you clean up your social media accounts.

What Employers Shouldn’t See on Facebook

  • Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your current employer or a prospective employer to see.
  • Avoid any comments that could be interpreted as racist, sexist or discriminatory in any way.
  • Remove or untag photos of you that show you in an unfavorable light. If you prefer not to, then be sure to carefully manage your album privacy settings. These control which people can see which of your albums.
  • Look at your wall. Remove comments from your friends that seem distasteful.
    Look at the apps on your profile. Does their purpose portray you well? There are more than a few apps that may not be the best ones to have on your page when you’re looking to get a job.
  • What groups are you a member of? If you belong to “It’s 5 am, I’m drunk, and on Facebook” or any similar groups, you probably want to leave them.

Facebook Privacy Settings for Job Seekers

  • Make sure only friends can see your photos.
  • Make sure only friends can see your religious and political views.
  • Make sure only friends can see your posts.
  • With the privacy settings, you are given an opportunity to preview your site, a feature that lets you see what the outside world sees when they access your Facebook page.

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