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Resumé Writing Checklist

Your resume is one of the most important pieces of a job application. If you are considering re-entering the workplace, advancing your career or transitioning into a new career – updating your resume is a great place to start.

Remember, if you are undergoing career transition, it’s not necessary to start completely over.  Begin the resume writing process by building off of the foundation that you already have. With your current resume in hand, review Resume Writing Checklist below and make the necessary revisions. To help you stay engaged in the writing process, make a plan to review the document again for the next two days. This will keep your momentum up and get you into the habit of reviewing it often. When you feel like your resume at a point where you feel comfortable submitting it to hiring managers, ask a  friend or trusted colleague to review it one last time.

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Resume Writing Checklist:

  • Personal Information: 
    • Do you have a professional email address? (i.e.
    • Do you have a current home address and working telephone number listed?
  • Work Experience: 
    • Is the name of the organization spelled correctly? Are the acronyms spelled out correctly?
    • Did you include your title/ position held?
    • Are the dates that you were employed listed, and accurate?
    • Are there 3-4 bullet points describing your current/previous responsibilities?
    • Are your descriptions grammatically correct?
  • Education:
    • Did you include the name of the school, your degree and the year you graduated?
    • Did you have a minor/concentration?
    • Are you graduating or completing a program in a few months? Is this information listed?

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