The Job Search

5- Day Email Challenge

Make way for new opportunities by clearing out your personal email in-box.  This 5-Day Challenge is a powerful and cost-effective way to instill organization and focus during your job search.

Career transition is a busy time for you and your inbox. While applying for new positions, keep in mind that job boards, job opening notifications, alerts, and your resume are all synced to your personal email. With all of the positive energy that you are putting into advancing your career, the last thing that you want to do is be held back by emails that are either junk, spam or simply don’t relate to you. Having the said emails “around” is more than unnecessary distractions, they actually place you at risk for missing important events and opportunities.

Challenge yourself. For the next five days, spend thirty minutes going through your emails and purging, scrubbing (whatever you wish to call it) – get rid of emails that you don’t need.

Track your daily progress and note the number of emails that you start with each day and the number of emails that you deleted. At the end of the thirty minutes, consider the following the following questions:

  1. What trends did I notice?
  2. How far back your emails stretch?
  3. What were the emails for? Were they selling services or products?
  4. Do the emails relate to any of my career goals?
  5. Do the emails relate to any current interests?

While you are discovering and rediscovering new ways to filter through messages, and placing your attention where it needs to be – keep in mind that notifications in your phone can be equally distracting. Text message notifications about flash sales and social media updates can be so frequent that they cause us to overlook really important, career-related notifications such as LinkedIn Messages and alerts about newly posted positions.

You are putting in a lot of energy into advancing your career, don’t permit distractions to derail or slow down your momentum.

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